CLINICAL JORNADAS for Advanced Practice Nurses or Nurse Practitioners in Training.

Careful developmental preparation is made for advanced practice nurses to come to underserved communities to share their expertise and grow in diagnostic skill.   Practitioners have a pharmacy at their disposal to offer to patients in need.  These clinical training opportunities usually include a simultaneous cervical cancer screening clinic.   Cervical cancer remains the number one killer of women of maternal age in Guatemala.  


Introduction to International Nursing

BSN nursing students have the opportunity to be exposed to the processes used by Non-Governmental Organizations to deliver health care in an international setting.   Non-licensed students have the opportunity to observe and participate in clinics with those delivering the care.   Often “Wellness Checks” will be arranged in outlying indigenous primary school communities and participants have an opportunity to impact the communities in very positive ways.  Students return home excited about the possibility of helping internationally in their nursing careers.


Community Health Construction Programs.  

Working closely with Hombres and Mujeres en Acción, a Guatemalan based NGO, participants construct clinics, community centers, or kitchens to foster better community health.   Our Guatemalan partners have carefully screened and done the development with the communities requesting these structures.   One of our primary aims is to help in the funding for the construction so that dreams can become realities.


Four Programs offered by Guatemala Esperanza

Finding Hope by Bringing Hope

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I am still thinking about the wonderful experience I had in Guatemala... I fell in love with the people and the beautiful country!!  Thank you for all you do and for having everything run so smoothly.  I know I will definitely be back...

Elizabeth Perdomo, Florida Atlantic University,

Nurse Practitioner in Training.   (pictured with two sons)

This clinical experience was really great and I recommend future nursing students participate.   The opportunities to make a difference as a nurse on a global level are endless!   Compassion is key.   I’m so excited for the future.    Kathryn Kleinjen, BSN Student, JHU School of Nursing Baltimore.  

Thanks for letting us be a little part of that with you.   I have once again left a piece of my heart there.   Donna Noecker with husband, Randy members of the GEFAM team 2015. 



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